CPA – Consumer Protection Act

ERA has, in conjunction with the ERA / RMI legal team, created a one-page Terms and Conditions document, which:

  • serves to protect members in their day-to-day over-the-counter transactions with customers, while also
  • serving to ensure that all interactions between members and customers comply with the stringent guidelines put in place within the Consumer Protection Act.

This document is available as a self-carbonised copy book to all RMI members and can be obtained at a cost of R 60.00 VAT inclusive from the ERA office in Pretoria.

ERA members use this document when taking on jobs, to create a clear record of all discussions and agreements to prevent any possible future dispute.

In addition to the Terms & Conditions document, a Discharge: Full and Final Settlement document has also been created to ensure that any disputes are concluded and documented in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.  The Full and Final Settlement document is also available to RMI members in self-carbonised copy book format and can be obtained at a cost of R 40.00 VAT inclusive from the ERA office in Pretoria.

ERA in conjunction with the RMI offers Dispute Resolution and attempts to reach amicable mediated resolution should a dispute arise between a consumer and a ERA member. This is done  in a manner that is cost effective for both parties.The resolution process is non-legal and therefore no legal representation is allowed.

The guidelines of the Additional Dispute Resolution process are aligned to the Automotive Industry Code of Conduct and further aligned to the Consumer Protection Act.

Please contact your local RMI office for assistance.